All economies are requested to provide information. It is strongly suggested to submit the name of the Delegation Liaison Officer (DLO) for the TPT-WG46 before September 21st, 2018. Note that the DLO is the only person authorized to register delegates attending the 46th APEC Transportation Working Group Meeting through the website. Please, complete the Registration Form Template and send it to your DLO.

DLO registration will require the following information to be sent to

  1. Economy
  2. Family Name
  3. Given Name
  4. Email Address
  5. Office Telephone Number
  6. Mobile Telephone Number
  7. Organization

Online registration will be available until 5PM Singapore Time on Thursday, September 27th, 2018. Participants are strongly suggested to complete their economies’ registration before the deadline to ensure efficient processing of information and proper issuance of ID documentation. Please, let us know any special needs of dietary requirements of delegates during registration.

Delegates who were not able to register on-line for the TPT-WG 46 Meeting before the deadline, will have to register on-site at the Registration Desk located at the Lima Convention Center, 2nd Floor, Lima, Peru. In this case, please let the TPT-WG 46 Meeting Secretariat know it in advance by email at

Registration Instructions for DLOs ONLY

It is strongly suggested to save all documents using the following format:


To upload Photos, please consider the following:

  • Resolution: 600ppp
  • Min.: 500kb
  • Max.: 1mb.


To upload Registration Forms from your economy, please click below and use the ID and password provided.