APEC Transportation Working Group’s Proposed Work Plan for 2018


The APEC Transportation Working Group (TPT-WG) works to advance APEC’s overarching agenda of improving connectivity and deepening regional economic integration by promoting quality infrastructure connectivity; enhancing transportation accessibility, safety, security, and sustainability; and crosscutting socio-economic improvement. The TPT-WG aligns its activities with instructions from the Leaders’ and Ministers’ Statements as well as the APEC host economy’s priorities and other SOM and SCE priorities and decisions.

1. Expected Outcomes and Deliverables for 2018

Priorities for the TPT-WG are:

  • Continue building more seamless infrastructural operation through Transportation Connectivity Map, Supply Chain Connectivity Framework Action Plan, private investment, APEC Connectivity Blueprint for 2015-2025, and APEC Port Services Network (APSN).
  • Enhance supply chain resiliency in response to natural disasters/hazards, collaborate with other APEC fora and international organizations (e.g. ICAO, ILO, or IMO) complying with corresponding safety/security/environmental sustainability/facilitation international standards, facilitate a more harmonized approach to the labelling, handling, and transport of dangerous goods across the APEC region, and promote advanced technologies (e.g. Automated and connected vehicles, intelligent transportation systems, drones)..
  • Facilitate women’s participation in the economic life of the Asia-Pacific transportation sector, through the ongoing Women in Transportation Initiative, and discourage the use of transport networks for human trafficking.
  • Expand connectivity of APEC’s three pillars (physical, institutional, and people to people connectivity) in coordination with other international organizations, as appropriate, for the better integrated economic flows and inclusive development..
  • Encourage collaboration by APEC economies in developing joint personnel training as per the TMM10 statement. Consider facilitating APEC cross – fora collaborations to create more significant synergy with EWG, Friends of Chairs on Connectivity/Urbanization, or others as appropriate.


The 45th TPT-WG meeting will take place in Seoul, Korea in April 2018 and the 46th TPT-WG meeting will be held in Lima, Peru in October 2018.

The work of the TPT-WG is largely progressed through four Expert Groups covering Aviation, Maritime, Land, and Intermodal and Intelligent Transport Systems issues respectively. These Expert Groups (and their associated subgroups, if necessary) will meet in Seoul, Korea and Lima, Peru with a focus on progressing TPTWG objectives. Examples of the further initiatives to be developed include activities that promote quality infrastructure connectivity, enhance transportation accessibility, safety, security, and sustainability, and encourage economic growth and human resource growth

The TPT-WG will also continue to conduct workshops to increase knowledge and provide practical assistance and training to member economies in facilitating the creation, maintenance, and expansion of economic and people-to-people linkages across the Asia-Pacific region, as well as our industry’s leadership in technology commercialization, international best practices dissemination, and regulatory cooperation.

In addition to these capacity building workshops, the TPT-WG has a number of activities to promote transport resilience and connectivity, including:

  • Promoting the development of transportation technologies (ITS, Automated and connected vehicles, global navigation satellite systems)
  • Promoting energy-efficient and sustainable modes of transportation
  • Investing in new, upgraded or replacement infrastructure, in order to meet increased transportation needs
  • Encouraging international air transport liberalization
  • Promoting rail and road safety initiatives, including in relation to heavy vehicles


TPT-WG will continue its ongoing programme of initiatives to promote the role of women in the transport sector, including consideration of measures to provide for their personal security.

Include the issue of transport specialists training as part of the agenda of APEC TPTWG