Maritime Experts Group

Date and Time Item No. Topics Presenting Economy (or speaker)
1 MEG Agenda-1  
1.1 (*) Opening Remarks MEG Chair
1.2 (*) Self-Introduction All
1.3 Review of TPT-WG45 and Adoption of the Agenda MEG Chair
2 MEG Agenda-2 (Update of On-Going Projects)  
2.1 (*) Prevention of Accidents in Dangerous Goods Transportation Japan
2.2 Seafarer Excellence Training Network to Advance Maritime Education and Training in the APEC Region Korea
2.3 Workshop on Managing Port Data via a Single APEC Port Community Platform Peru
3 MEG Agenda-3 (New Concept Notes/Projects)  
3.1 Analysing the Impacts of Slow Steaming for Distant Economies Chile
3.2 (*) APEC Training Course on Common Principles to Shipping Policy Japan / Viet Nam
3.3 Capacity Building on Regulatory Management towards Competitiveness of the Maritime/Shipping Industry of the APEC Region Philippines
4 MEG Agenda-4: Economy Report Session
*For each report, maximum 10mins presentation followed by 5mins Q&A.
**Only Korea’s presentation will be made on the Oct.15.
4.1 CJK Cooperation in Maritime Transportation: Based on the 7th CJK Ministerial Conference on Transport and Logistics Korea
4.2 Formulation of the 10-year Maritime Industry Development Program of the Republic of the Philippines Philippines
4.3 An Economy Update on U.S. Maritime Policy and Programs, including Updates on Port Infrastructure Development, Inland Waterways, Automation and Cybersecurity USA
4.4 Supplementary Measures for the Implementation in Advance of Ocean-going Vessels (OGVs) Utilizing Low-Sulfur Fuels Chinese Taipei
4.5 China’s Activities to Promote Maritime Connectivity China
4.6 The Establishment of Single Window System in China China
4.7 Trends, Initiatives and Opportunities Canada
4.8 T.B.A Peru
5 MEG Agenda-5  
5.1 Update of Recent Activities by APSN APEC Port Service Network
5.2 Recent Maritime Trends and Future Work of MEG MEG Chair
5.3 Project Management and Revision of Work Plan MEG Chair
5.4 (*) Future Vacancies and Nominations MEG Chair
(16:00- Coffee Break)
6 MEG Agenda-6 (Maritime Security)  
6.1 Recent Security Initiatives MEG-SEC Chair
6.2 Cyber Risk Management MEG-SEC Chair
6.3 Updates on Old Concept Notes Discussed at Previous Meetings All
6.4 New Concept Notes Discussion  
6.4.1 Training and Seminar on Risk-based Cyber Security Framework Implementation in Maritime Transportation Korea
6.4.2 Establishment of a Port Facility Security Officer Network for Exchange of Information in Economies MEG-SEC Chair
6.4.3 Improving Resiliency in Ports MEG-SEC Chair

7 MEG Agenda-7  
7.1 Discussion on MEG Final Report MEG Chair
7.2 (*) Introduction of MEG and MEG-SEC Final Report MEG Chair / MEG-SEC Chair
7.3 (*) MEG and MEG-SEC Management for Future TPTWGs MEG Chair / MEG-SEC Chair
7.4 (*) Any Other Businesses MEG Chair

Note: For agenda items with (*), documents are NOT provided.