Aviation Experts Group

Agenda Item Number Topics Presenting Economy (or speaker)
1 Welcome and Introductions  
1.1 Welcome Remarks AEG Chair
1.2 Introductions of AEG Sub-group Chairs, Vice-Chairs, AEG
Participants and Distribution of Participation List
AEG Chair
2 Agenda, preparations for meeting – AEG Chair, United States  
2.1 Review, Modify, and Adopt Agenda  
2.2 Attendance list  
2.3 Classification of Meeting Documents, public or restricted
2.4 Status: APEC-funded projects in progress or anticipated.  
3 ICAO Updates AEG Chair
3.1 Air Navigation Conference (ANC 13), October 9-19, 2018 United States
3.2 Upcoming personnel changes United States
3.3 Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA) – progress on an ICAO Annex 6,
Part IV
United States
3.4 ICAO SARPs changes, other updates United States
3.5 ICAO Developments relating to air services Australia
3.6 ICAO 29th AVSEC Panel read-out United States
3.7.1 Prioritization of Security Agendas United States
4 Aviation Safety (AEG-SAF)  
4.1 Cybersecurity and the Aviation Ecosystem United States
4.2 System Wide Information Management (SWIM), access to
FAA’s flight, weather and aviation data
United States
5 Aviation Security (AEG-SEC)  
5.1 Promoting Security Awareness in the Aviation Community Singapore
5.2 ICAO Developments relating to air services United States
5.3 Advanced Passenger Information/Passenger Name Records
United States
6 Review of TPTWG Annual Work Plan/Strategic Plan AEG Chair
7 Election of Subgroup Chairs, Vice-chairs, AEG Chair AEG Chair
8 Any Other Business AEG Chair
9 Preparation/Adoption of AEG Report AEG Chair