Maritime Experts Group
Land Experts Group
Aviation Experts Group
Intermodal & ITS Experts Group

Maritime Experts Group

Date and Time Item No. Topics Presenting Economy (or speaker)
1 MEG Agenda-1  
1.1 (*) Opening Remarks MEG Chair
1.2 (*) Self-Introduction All
1.3 Review of TPT-WG45 and Adoption of the Agenda MEG Chair
2 MEG Agenda-2 (Update of On-Going Projects)  
2.1 (*) Prevention of Accidents in Dangerous Goods Transportation Japan
2.2 Seafarer Excellence Training Network to Advance Maritime Education and Training in the APEC Region Korea
2.3 Workshop on Managing Port Data via a Single APEC Port Community Platform Peru
3 MEG Agenda-3 (New Concept Notes/Projects)  
3.1 Analysing the Impacts of Slow Steaming for Distant Economies Chile
3.2 (*) APEC Training Course on Common Principles to Shipping Policy Japan / Viet Nam
3.3 Capacity Building on Regulatory Management towards Competitiveness of the Maritime/Shipping Industry of the APEC Region Philippines
4 MEG Agenda-4: Economy Report Session
*For each report, maximum 10mins presentation followed by 5mins Q&A.
**Only Korea’s presentation will be made on the Oct.15.
4.1 CJK Cooperation in Maritime Transportation: Based on the 7th CJK Ministerial Conference on Transport and Logistics Korea
4.2 Formulation of the 10-year Maritime Industry Development Program of the Republic of the Philippines Philippines
4.3 An Economy Update on U.S. Maritime Policy and Programs, including Updates on Port Infrastructure Development, Inland Waterways, Automation and Cybersecurity USA
4.4 Supplementary Measures for the Implementation in Advance of Ocean-going Vessels (OGVs) Utilizing Low-Sulfur Fuels Chinese Taipei
4.5 China's Activities to Promote Maritime Connectivity China
4.6 The Establishment of Single Window System in China China
4.7 Trends, Initiatives and Opportunities Canada
4.8 T.B.A Peru
5 MEG Agenda-5  
5.1 Update of Recent Activities by APSN APEC Port Service Network
5.2 Recent Maritime Trends and Future Work of MEG MEG Chair
5.3 Project Management and Revision of Work Plan MEG Chair
5.4 (*) Future Vacancies and Nominations MEG Chair
(16:00- Coffee Break)
6 MEG Agenda-6 (Maritime Security)  
6.1 Recent Security Initiatives MEG-SEC Chair
6.2 Cyber Risk Management MEG-SEC Chair
6.3 Updates on Old Concept Notes Discussed at Previous Meetings All
6.4 New Concept Notes Discussion  
6.4.1 Training and Seminar on Risk-based Cyber Security Framework Implementation in Maritime Transportation Korea
6.4.2 Establishment of a Port Facility Security Officer Network for Exchange of Information in Economies MEG-SEC Chair
6.4.3 Improving Resiliency in Ports MEG-SEC Chair

7 MEG Agenda-7  
7.1 Discussion on MEG Final Report MEG Chair
7.2 (*) Introduction of MEG and MEG-SEC Final Report MEG Chair / MEG-SEC Chair
7.3 (*) MEG and MEG-SEC Management for Future TPTWGs MEG Chair / MEG-SEC Chair
7.4 (*) Any Other Businesses MEG Chair

Note: For agenda items with (*), documents are NOT provided.

Land Experts Group

All economiesDate and Time Agenda Item Number Topics Presenting Economy (or speaker)
October 15
Venue – Huantillie 2
(6th floor)

1 Welcome and Introductions  
1.1 Welcome Remarks LEG Chair
1.2 Introductions of Participants and Distribution of Attendance List LEG Chair
2 Election of LEG Vice-Chair LEG Chair
3 Agenda, Preparation for Meeting LEG Chair
3.1 Review, Modify, and Adopt Agenda  
4 APEC-funded projects in progress or anticipated LEG Chair
5 Major developments in land transport  
5.1 Update on recent rail initiatives Canada
5.2 Land transport network development Republic of Korea
5.3 Korean Radiobased Train Control System Republic of Korea
5.4 Economy report on Land Transport Peru
5.5 Economy reports on major developments in land transport  
5.6 Interoperability of railways Peru
5.7 Integrating Urban Mobility and Transportation System Peru
 October 15
Pucllana (6th floor)
6 IIEG-LEG-GIT Joint session on the Topic of Autonomous Vehicles  
6.1 GIT: Positioning and Localization of Autonomous Vehicles Chinese Taipei
6.2 LEG: Autonomous Vehicles Policy Republic of Korea
6.3 IIEG: Presentation on autonomous vehicles United States

October 16
(09:30-17:30) Venue – Huantillie 2
(6th floor)

11:00-11:15 Coffee Break
13:00-14:30 Working Lunch
16:00-16:15 Coffee Break


7 UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020  
7.1 Traffic safety in Korea Republic of Korea
7.2 Peruvian Road Safety Peru
7.3 Improving road safety in APEC region for sustainable transport systems Russia
7.4 Self-funded project “Developing Guidelines for Motorcycle Crash Data Collection and Reporting in the APEC Region” Chinese Taipei
7.5 Economy reports TBA
8 Vehicle standards harmonization  
8.1 Progress report on Harmonization  in Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei
8.2 Progress Report on Harmonization in Peru Peru
8.3 Vehicle Dismantling and Scrapping Regulation in Peru Peru
8.4 Recent Status of UNECE WP.29 Republic of Korea
8.5 Economy reports on harmonization progress  
8.3.1 Updated harmonization information among VSHG’s members Certification circle Summary of Progress on Promotion of UN Regulation Status of adopted/accepted/referred UN Regulation  
9 Review of LEG Workplan - 2018 LEG Chair
9.1 LEG inputs in TPTWG Annual Work Plan/Strategic Plan LEG Chair
9.2 Preparation of LEG Meeting Report LEG Chair
October 17
Venue – Huantillie 2
(6th floor)
10 Preparation/Adoption of LEG Meeting Report and Concluding Remarks LEG Chair


Aviation Experts Group

Agenda Item Number Topics Presenting Economy (or speaker)
1 Welcome and Introductions  
1.1 Welcome Remarks AEG Chair
1.2 Introductions of AEG Sub-group Chairs, Vice-Chairs, AEG
Participants and Distribution of Participation List
AEG Chair
2 Agenda, preparations for meeting – AEG Chair, United States  
2.1 Review, Modify, and Adopt Agenda  
2.2 Attendance list  
2.3 Classification of Meeting Documents, public or restricted
2.4 Status: APEC-funded projects in progress or anticipated.  
3 ICAO Updates AEG Chair
3.1 Air Navigation Conference (ANC 13), October 9-19, 2018 United States
3.2 Upcoming personnel changes United States
3.3 Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA) – progress on an ICAO Annex 6,
Part IV
United States
3.4 ICAO SARPs changes, other updates United States
3.5 ICAO Developments relating to air services Australia
3.6 ICAO 29th AVSEC Panel read-out United States
3.7.1 Prioritization of Security Agendas United States
4 Aviation Safety (AEG-SAF)  
4.1 Cybersecurity and the Aviation Ecosystem United States
4.2 System Wide Information Management (SWIM), access to
FAA’s flight, weather and aviation data
United States
5 Aviation Security (AEG-SEC)  
5.1 Promoting Security Awareness in the Aviation Community Singapore
5.2 ICAO Developments relating to air services United States
5.3 Advanced Passenger Information/Passenger Name Records
United States
6 Review of TPTWG Annual Work Plan/Strategic Plan AEG Chair
7 Election of Subgroup Chairs, Vice-chairs, AEG Chair AEG Chair
8 Any Other Business AEG Chair
9 Preparation/Adoption of AEG Report AEG Chair


Intermodal & ITS Experts Group

Date and Time Item No. Topics Presenting Economy (or speaker)

1 Welcome and Introductions  
1.1 Welcome Remarks IIEG Chair
1.2 Introductions of IIEG Deputy Chair, Co-Chairs of
GIT, IIEG and GIT Participants
AEG Chair
2 Agenda, Preparations for Meeting – IIEG Chair,
IIEG Chair
2.1 Review, Modify, and Adopt Agenda  
2.2 Attendance List  
2.3 Classification of Meeting Documents, Public or
Restricted Access
3 Chair’s Remarks IIEG Chair
3.1 Review of Results from the TPT-WG 45 Meeting  
3.2 Overview of IIEG and GIT Key Issues for TPT-WG46
in Context of 2018 APEC Priorities, Lead Shepherd’s
Policy Direction, TMM 10, TPT-WG 2018 Work Plan etc.
IIEG Chair
GIT Co-Chairs
3.3 Review IIEG Terms of Reference  
4 GNSS Implementation Team (GIT) Update  
4.1 Review of the Draft GIT Strategy for 2017~2020 GIT Co-Chairs

5 IIEG-LEG-GIT Joint session on the Topic of
Autonomous Vehicles
5.1 To be confirmed. GIT
5.2 To be confirmed. LEG
5.3 To be confirmed. IIEG

6 IIEG-AEG-GIT Joint session on the Topic of
Unmanned Aerial Systems
6.1 To be confirmed. GIT
6.2 To be confirmed. AEG
6.3 To be confirmed. IIEG



7 Status: APEC-Funded Projects in Progress or Anticipated.  
7.1 Overview of IIEG and GIT Key Issues for TPT-WG46
in Context of 2018 APEC Priorities, Lead Shepherd’s
Policy Direction, TMM 10, TPT-WG 2018 Work Plan etc
Chinese Taipei
7.2 Promoting Supply Chain Resiliency in the APEC
Region: Reviewing Progress on the 7 Principles
United States
7.3 Status Update on IIEG-Endorsed APEC Projects
Submitted to 2018 Project Session 2
7.3.1 Promoting Connectivity in APEC Economies by
Harnessing Digital Innovation in APEC Port Industry
7.3.2 Increasing Personal Mobility (Mobility on Demand)
with a Focus on Vulnerable Groups (persons with
disabilities, elderly, women, youth, etc.)
United States
7.3.3 APEC Forum on Building Capacity for Promoting
Supply Chain Resiliency in Crop Production Value
Chains towards Sustainable Growth
Viet Nam
7.4 New APEC Projects under Consideration Canada
7.5   TBC
8 Special Report  
8.1   TBC
8.2 Discussion on Items for Inclusion at Future IIEG
IIEG Deputy Chair
9 Economy Report Each Economy

10 Any Other Business IIEG Chair
11 Report Summary of GIT 23 GIT Co-Chairs
12 Preparation for IIEG Report IIEG Chair and
Deputy Chair
13 Adoption of IIEG Report IIEG Chair
14 Closing Remarks and Adjournment IIEG Chair